fb account is disabled how to recover 2019


Hello guys how are you all hope you are all good।

Today I will tell you how you can enable and open your disabled account very easily

But you have to take care of some special things in it, which I am telling you right now if you do that work properly then your Facebook account will be 100% open.

Facebook security issue

  1. First of all, you do not have to submit any fake proof to your Facebook account.
  2. Your name should match your id card.
  3. Your date of birth in your Facebook account should also match your id card.
  4. And your id card should have your photo completely clear
1. If you submit fake proof to your disabled Facebook account, then your account will not be open and the Facebook team will permanently block your account.

2. Your Facebook account name should be received from your id card only then the Facebook team will be able to open it.

3. There should be a date of birth in your account exactly with the id card, then the Facebook team will open your account.

4. Your photo should be completely clear in your id card so that the Facebook team can see it properly and they do not have any problem in opening your account, so you have to take care that your photo should be clear in your id card then facebook team open your account Will be able.

Now I will tell you what you have to do to open your Facebook disabled account, so keep follow me as I tell you, OK friends

What to do? Let's start to open our Facebook disabled account.

First of all, you have to install UC Browser and after installing you will open UC Browser

Then you have to search for it. Verify my information. As soon as you search, then you will have a new page show in front of me, 

I will also give you images so that you will not have any kind of trouble in doing our seven things

So as soon as you are redirected to a new page by searching, you will see a page of please verify my information, in which you have to fill your id information

 After entering the information, you have to give your id proof in the box containing the file select

And in the last, you will see a small box in which you can say your problem or you can speak to the Facebook team, do so much to open your account and do nothing more than this.

And after doing all this, you have to wait for normal 2, 3 days, your account will be opened without any trouble and if your account does not open again, after doing all that, then you will give me your id password by opening your account Ok guys


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