pubg new update | New Update of Pubg mobile 2019 August


Hello guys how are you all hoping you all will be well, Today we are going to tell you something special about the new update of Pubg So Let's get started!

As you all will know, on 14 August, Pubg is going to give a new update and what you get to see in that update.

  • So first we will learn about the new update of Pubg
  • second, we will know about the zombie infection mode of Pubg
  • and in the third, we will know what in Pubg Has anything changed
  • and forth we will know about the TDM Pubg new update 

1.  First, we will know what is the Pubg new update, so as you all know that there is no such update in Pubg except the theme and the Pubg settings, now I will tell you what new settings have come in Pubg.

In the first, let me tell you that I have given the Image of Pubg Settings below, you can also see in it that there is a change in the Pubg new update

You must have seen in the Image that first of all, you will be seeing the icons of Classic Arcade and Evoground, then like we used to see the Pubg earlier, now it has turned completely upside down, everything has been changed during this Pubg new update.

And compared to what we saw in the previous Pubg update, a lot of things have been updated in this Pubg new update. We saw in the previous update that we can play according to Arcade Mode and Evoground Time Limit but there is no such update.

2. Now I tell you about the zombie infection Pubg new update, we were all eagerly waiting to play zombie infection mode, now why we can play it, so why are we not going to enjoy it at all? I also want to tell

I have played zombie infection, I do not know your choice but I can say for sure that you are not going to enjoy this game at all. Let me tell you why you will not have fun in zombie infection mode.

In zombie infection mode you enter with your friends but you become a zombie yourself. In this match, if you are not able to play properly, then you do not have any special role in it, you have to play it very carefully. If you do not enjoy the game, you can know this by playing this game yourself.

3. So what has changed in the Pubg new update, now if we know about that, then there is no such change in the Pubg new update, so that if there is some change in the Pubg.

 then I will give you some images of this so that you will know what the bald in the Pubg And I will try to give you good information from my side too,

So there is not a certain update in it, the bass has become a little Pubg icon, which you will love to see, in this, you will get the option of Publish Friend Request and Friend Invite in the same place, which I did not like much and everything is fine.

4. Now we will talk about TDM, there is no special update in TDM, but there is good information for AWM lovers because now you will not only get to play AWM in TDM, it is also the same update.

I hope you would love to get this information, if you want more information about PUBJ, then subscribe to our channel and thank you...
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